Congresswoman Terri Sewell

Representing the 7th District of Alabama

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Nov 3, 2015 In The News

WASHINGTON — House Democrats warned Tuesday that unless Congress updates the Voting Rights Act, Americans could find their access to the ballot box unfairly restricted when they vote for the next president a year from now.

Nov 3, 2015 In The News

Black, Hispanic and Asian American lawmakers said Tuesday that their constituents are particularly vulnerable to losing their right to vote if Congress doesn't pass legislation to restore a key provision of the federal Voting Rights Act that was tossed out two years ago by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Nov 3, 2015 In The News

The 2016 election is one year away and many states and cities hold local elections today. But not everyone will be able to cast a ballot this year or next.

Oct 26, 2015 In The News

Alabama Representative Terri Sewell (D-AL 7) announced Monday that a $20 million Grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation has been awarded to Birmingham.

Oct 26, 2015 In The News

Alabama’s Republican political leaders last week began slyly backpedalling from their plan to close 31 offices that issue drivers’ licenses in counties with heavily black, Democratic-leaning populations. 

Oct 21, 2015 In The News

After national outcry from civil groups and politicians, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley announced he is somewhat reversing his decisio

Oct 15, 2015 In The News

At a town hall event Wednesday night, U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell said the closures of state parks and driver's license bureaus across the Black Belt are "unconstitutional" and "should be fought in court."

Oct 11, 2015 In The News

Kimberly Spruell has to travel 45 miles to the nearest Walmart; 80 miles to the nearest mall; 42 miles to a hospital with more than four doctors; and now 45 miles to the driver's license office.

She used to go to the state park for picnics but now that's been shut down.

Oct 9, 2015 In The News

 It is about an hour and 10 minutes to Tuscaloosa, the nearest big city to this little knot of houses and churches in the Alabama pines. For the hundreds in this poor county who do not have a car or a friend with the spare time, someone can usually be found who is willing to give a ride. For a fee, of course.