Families now have access to health care benefits and protections that are improving their everyday lives. A new incentive system is being implemented to encourage better coordination and quality of medical care for all patients by rewarding every person in the 7th Congressional District, Alabama and across America deserves access to affordable, quality health care, whether you live in a city or a small town. That is why I strongly support President Obama’s health care plan and the health care reform signed in to law last March.

We cannot return this country to the defective status quo that left 30 million Americans without insurance.  This health care law put Americans back in charge of their own health care. Millions of American providers for the value rather than quantity of medical services delivered and patients are better informed, making them more value-conscious consumers. 

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, the discriminatory practices of insurance companies that deny care based on pre-existing conditions have been put to a stop. Out-of-pocket expenses that insurance companies have imposed on my constituents will now be capped, protecting Alabama and the 7th Congressional District's residents from bankruptcy due to unaffordable health care costs.  This legislation also eliminates lifetime caps and annual caps on people who have paid for insurance, ensuring that the 2.5 million Alabama residents with private insurance coverage never have to worry about their coverage running out and facing catastrophic out-of-pocket costs, and tightly regulates insurance plans’ use of annual limits to ensure access to needed care.  This will protect the 2.3 million residents of Alabama with health insurance from their employer, along with anyone who signs up with a new insurance plan in Alabama.

For more information concerning my work and views on the issue of health care, please contact my Washington, DC officeI look forward to your feedback.

Thank you.

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