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Fox 6 Birmingham: Birmingham veteran's memory honored with flag that once topped the U.S. Capitol

May 26, 2015
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On Monday, the North Sherman Heights community in Birmingham honored a veteran whose love of his country helped keep his community strong.

Annie Mae Gadson is Preston Gadson's widow.

On Monday, outside the area where the couples' store was located, Gadson flew a very special American flag. It's one that was once flown at the U.S. Capitol and given to Gadson by Alabama Congresswoman Terri Sewell.

"It may be a little overcast, but our hearts are filled with sunshine, because we're here in remembrance," Birmingham City Councilman Marcus Lundy said.

Lundy gathered with Preston Gadson's family and loved ones to honor a veteran, who loved his country and the American flag.

For the 44 years that the Gadsons owned their store, which is no longer here due to a fire, Preston Gadson flew a flag outside the store in the North Sherman Heights community.

"When the store was open, let it always be a reflection on thee, amen," Lundy said.

Gadson was pleased to see the turnout honoring her husband and our country.

"So I just applaud y'all for taking the time and the resources to come out and honor my husband," she said.

"He came to Sherman Heights with $20 and started a store and was able to feed his family and became a pillar of this community because he had the will, the desire, the determination to carry on," Lundy said.