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USA Today: U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller will resign

May 30, 2015
In The News

U.S. District Judge Mark Fuller announced Friday he will resign Aug. 1, almost one year since he was arrested and charged with battery of his wife.

By resigning, Fuller, 56, gives up what had been a lifetime appointment. The departure creates another vacancy on the federal bench in Alabama, which is already depleted.

Fuller relayed his plans to President Barack Obama and the chief judges of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and U.S. district court in Alabama's Middle District, according to Fuller's attorney, Barry Ragsdale.

"Judge Fuller has expressed to the president his honor and privilege in having served as a United States district judge, a job that he truly loved," Ragsdale said. "Judge Fuller regrets resigning, but he recognizes that it is best for his family and the judicial system that he do so at this time."

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