Congresswoman Terri Sewell

Representing the 7th District of Alabama

Black History Month-Honoring Alabama's Trailblazers

Oct 25, 2012


Through the celebration of Black History Month, we are given the opportunity to honor the trailblazers whose shoulders we stand on today. As we reflect on the many contributions African Americans have made across our country, we must not forget the local heroes who marched, prayed and fought for the rights we have today.

This is why I will be recognizing Alabama trailblazers, both known and unknown, throughout this month on the house floor. The journey I now take would not be possible without the courage and sacrifices made by so many Alabamians who relentlessly fought and prayed for justice in their churches, schools and communities. While some of these individuals have passed, others are still alive today in Alabama serving their communities and promoting justice. As one who continues to reap the harvest they sowed, the least I can do is share the stories of these extraordinary men and women so that their contributions will have their proper reference in our nation’s history.  Their impact on Alabama and this nation are immeasurable. It is my sincere hope that Alabamians will join me this month in honoring those who made our journey today possible.


·        Johnny Robinson & Virgil Ware 

Read Congresswoman Sewell's floor remarks here

·        Amelia Boynton Robinson (Selma)

Read Congresswoman Sewell's floor remarks here

·        Rev. Calvin Woods and Rev. Abraham Woods

·        Odessa Wolfolk

·        Dr. Frederick D. Reese (Selma)

·        Johnnie Carr (Montgomery)

·        Theresa Burroughs

·        Ethel Hall