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As Republicans leave town with our economy on the brink, Rep. Sewell demands that we pay America’s bills

Washington D.C. – Today, U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell (AL-07) joined her Democratic colleagues on the House Floor to demand that the Republican majority do their jobs and pay America’s bills to avoid a devastating debt default.

“Let me be very clear. We as Members of Congress have a solemn obligation to pay our nation’s bills and to protect the full faith and credit of the United States,” said Rep. Sewell. “We have never defaulted on our debt. But this time, House Republicans are refusing to address the debt limit unless we make serious cuts to programs that Alabama families that I represent need most, like veterans benefits and food assistance for our seniors and children.”

“Madam Speaker, this is a manufactured crisis,” continued Sewell. “Republicans could pass a clean debt ceiling bill but chose not to… But today, Republicans have chosen to send us home instead of doing our job. Our job is to protect the American people and to make sure that the full faith and credit of the American government stands.”

View her remarks here.

House Republicans created this crisis and then rushed out of town for the long weekend, days away from a catastrophic default on our debt that will cost families dearly. According to estimates from the House Budget Committee Minority, a Republican default would:

  • Kill about 6,000 jobs in Alabama’s 7th District alone. Nationwide, a default could kill more than 7 million jobs.
  • Jeopardize Social Security payments for 101,000 families in Alabama’s 7th District.
  • Put health benefits at risk for 306,000 people in Alabama’s 7th District who rely on Medicare, Medicaid, or Veterans Affairs health coverage.
  • Increase lifetime mortgage costs by $43,000 for the typical homeowner in Alabama.
  • Raise the costs of a new car loan by $800 for the typical American 
  • Threaten the retirement savings of 91,400 people near retirement in Alabama’s 7th District, eliminating $20,000 from the typical retirement portfolio.

Democrats are united to pay America’s bills without political stunts. Rep. Sewell has signed on to legislation that allows a bipartisan solution that prevents default and saves our economy. If five House Republicans sign the same legislation, the crisis can be ended immediately.