Press Releases

"I am disappointed in Congress’s inability to pass bipartisan legislation to prevent student loan interest rates from doubling for millions of students and middle class families across this country effective July 1st. With rising college costs and a trillion dollars in student loan debt outstanding, our failure to reach an agreement to prevent this crippling rise in student loan interest rates is both embarrassing and irresponsible.

Education has been and continues to be the single best avenue into the middle class for individuals across my district. So many depend on student loans to make higher education affordable. We cannot afford for partisan politics in Congress to destroy the dream of education by making it unaffordable for so many Americans.

It is my sincere hope that Congress will return in July with a bipartisan comprehensive plan to retroactively reverse this crippling blow to our nation’s students. We must avoid this looming crisis, so that our country and our students will not suffer the consequences."