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Birmingham, AL- Yesterday, Congresswoman Terri Sewell hosted a special edition of her weekly Terri Talks to discuss the importance of Alabama District 7's participation in the 2020 Census with a panel of local officials including Alabama Partnership Coordinator for the U.S. Census Bureau Carletta Singleton; Perry County Commissioner Albert Turner Jr; Sumter County Commissioner Marcus Campbell; and Wilcox County Commissioner John Moton.

"Ensuring an accurate count in the 2020 Census is critically important to all of us. It is more challenging than ever in the midst of a pandemic. However, the pandemic and the inequities it has brought to light make an accurate Census count more important than ever. There are so many resources our community depends upon that are based on population.," said Rep. Sewell, "The Federal funding that we receive is immense: for every one dollar the State of Alabama sends, we receive two dollars and it's based on population. When I think about all the needs in Alabama's 7th Congressional District, we can ill-afford to not be counted in the Census."

"Today, we received sobering news. Alabama is now LAST in the nation in Census response with only 62% of all Alabama households having responded. The news is even more sobering for Alabama's 7th Congressional District because we are at 6.8% below the State of Alabama in our return. In our District the return rate for the 14 counties is 53.8%. Devastating. The time for Alabamians to be counted is running out with the Census deadline being moved up to September, 30. According to a George Washington University study each Alabamaian that is not counted represents $1,600 so it is vital you and everyone in your household is counted. The reason we have these three County Commissioners here with us today is because some of the lowest rates are in the Black Belt and we want to discuss what we can do in these communities to increase the rate of return," stated Rep. Sewell.

To watch the full Alabama District 7 COUNTS in the 2020 Census Terri Talk, click here.


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