Congresswoman Terri Sewell

Representing the 7th District of Alabama

Rep. Sewell Joins President Obama on His Africa Trip

Jul 23, 2015
Press Release

Congresswoman Terri Sewell is visiting Kenya and Ethiopia as part of the Presidential delegation to East Africa.

“I am honored to join President Obama during his official visit to East Africa. I welcome the opportunity to promote Alabama products and businesses abroad.  It is my hope that this trip will be a catalyst for a stronger partnership between the United States and our allies in East Africa, and stimulate economic development in this emerging continent.

“Connecting Alabama businesses with new opportunities for growth is of critical importance to me, particularly in the Black Belt where our agricultural sector is strong. Exports drive Alabama’s economy, and I hope this trip provides some insight into how Alabama businesses will benefit from stronger economic ties between the United States and East Africa.

“I am excited to be a part of this historic journey. I look forward to continuing to work with President Obama to create more avenues for prosperity right here at home.”