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Fox 6 Birmingham: Federal judge Mark Fuller announces his resignation effective August 1

May 29, 2015
In The News

A federal judge who drew criticism after being charged with domestic violence and then retaining his judgeship during court proceedings says he will resign.

Fuller's attorney says his client has given his resignation to President Barack Obama.

Fuller was arrested on Aug. 8, 2014 and charged with misdemeanor family violence battery after being accused of assaulting his wife at Atlanta's Ritz-Carlton hotel. Those charges were dismissed after Fuller completed a pre-trial diversion program.

Birmingham attorney Roger Appell said this doesn't come as any surprise.

"It's not something that we didn't expect to happen. He's already had a hearing in front of the federal judiciary and I don't think that went very well for him. The members of his own party have been calling for his resignation. I don't think he wanted history to show him to be one of the judges to be impeached," Appell said.

The committee could have asked for Fuller's resignation in this situation. Federal judges can only be removed by impeachment through Congress and only 15 federal judges have ever been removed from office through impeachment. 

During this time, several prominent Alabama politicians, including Governor Robert Bentley and Congresswoman Terri Sewell, called for Fuller's resignation.

Sewell said on Friday that she's happy to hear of Fuller's resignation.
"Judge Fuller totally violated the public's trust and his integrity was definitely compromised by this whole situation," she said. "Elected officials and appointed officials, and federal judges are in that category, should be held to a higher standard. And I think if a football player can lose their job for domestic violence, surely a sitting judge, a federal judge, shouldn't be allowed to keep his job."